Paul Zitzer’s Skateboard

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7 Responses

  1. Derek Krasauskas says:

    Zitzer is a great dude and I was super stoked to skate with him again.

  2. Todd Morrow says:

    Such a smooth, flowing, skater. It’s appropriate that he’s on. Miller shape because Miller might be the only dude around that’s smoother.

  3. Jon Burgess says:

    Zitzer is one great cat. One of the absolute buttery best styles in skateboarding for sure. Always a pleasure!

  4. Haroldo Daltin says:

    I know this is a “vert interview” but a quick reminder. Paul kills in street too, which is pretty amazing considering how good he is on vert.

  5. Siz Man says:

    Paul is a cheesehead (meaning he is from Wisconsin), but even us Minnesotans have to love him. I remember the first time seeing him and riding with him in 1990 in Rockford, IL at an NSA contest. He was so good and still is. Really nice guy too. Nice interview and great video.

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